Welcome to the
Napa Valley Youth Advocacy Center!

Where youth are embraced and empowered by the community.


Every youth is embraced and empowered


NVYAC provides a distinctive community for healthy youth empowerment

As innovators in preparing youth for life, we wish to create fresh opportunities to meet the needs of our youth and families to greater extents, realizing that the basic values and virtues of the past must be restored, retained, cherished, and protected. Although progress may be seen as creating something new or technological, it is also retaining the best of the past in the process.

We are also committed to protecting and prioritizing our Vision, Mission, Integrity, and Core Values which are many times lost in the processes of the intense focus and obsession on sustainability and bureaucracy. Our commitment, as a best practice is to spend the greatest percentage of our resources refining what makes the difference in lives, and instilling motivation, passion, compassion.