Teens, Parents & Mentors

The goal is to be a healthy community where people of all ages have a sense of belonging, even when the going gets rough. The key to that kind of community is relationships and connectedness; but it’s also useful to have some resources to learn about key topics, to turn to in emergency, or to share in the insights of others.In this small resource center, you’ll find a few handy sources for each of these areas. If you know of great resources (especially local) that should be added, write to us at info@nvyac.org .

  • Teens

    Resources for Teens
    Ideas, opportunities, and info — from 100 ways to change to change the world, to advice on how to help a friend who’s being abused

  • Parents

    Resources for Parents
    Help for parents in understanding, guiding, and supporting their children

  • Mentors

    Resources for Mentors
    Mentoring guidelines, insights into youth behavior, and Napa County data