Food of Love


Food of Love combines the ingredients of nutrition, compassion, and connection  enhancing the healing process of body, mind, and the human spirit where the vital energy and wellness of a team of passionate community youth and adults combine with the nutrients of the earth and the medical community in the fight beside each patient against the effects of cancer.

The Martin-O’Neil Cancer Center Integrative Services operates the Food of Love program in collaboration with Napa Valley Youth Advocacy Center.

Our mission is to create a dynamic process enhancing wellness and healing through nutrient-dense meals, compassion, education and connection through “personal relationships,” whether seen or unseen, with those facing cancer and local community teens and adults.

The driving force of the Food of Love Program is far beyond the nutritional ingredients that combine to form the enriched diet. It is the heart-felt compassion, commitment and love of those that weekly create it for patients and their families from the young person dedicating their time and effort to the community adults giving of themselves to mentor.

Studies show that good nutrition can support the immune system, reduce treatment related side effects and enhance effectiveness of cancer treatment. Research at Brigham Young University and the University of North Carolina have determined that having a strong social network boosts the chance of survival by 50 percent.  It continues for those involved in the preparation, “When someone is connected to a group and feels responsibility for other people, that sense of purpose and meaning translates to taking better care of themselves and taking few risks.”

Thanks to the support of the community of donors as well the teen and adult volunteers, the Food of Love program has served hundreds of meals to people dealing with cancer since 2010.

This program involves teen volunteers by giving them experience of preparing and cooking healthy meals as well as make a substantial contribution to the community. The food is prepared at the commercial kitchen at the Grace Episcopal Church in St Helena by teen volunteers, chefs, and community volunteers every Tuesday.

The meals are provided free of charge for three months while going through cancer treatment. An additional three months of service is available on a donation basis.

This program provides a connection to healing for everyone involved. Patients are encouraged to contact the Food of Love Team at P. O. Box 137, St. Helena, CA 94574

For more information as to how you can become involved, please contact
Tom Amato, Executive Director, Napa Valley Youth Advocacy Center 707-888-7557
or email

Food of Love Project

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the Marriage of Elaine Sczuka Jones and Rick Jones


Martin O’Neil Cancer Center

  • Shari Bluband – Executive Director
  • Cindy Cantrell – Nurse Navigator
  • Arlene Taylor – Director of Risk Management

A and A Kitchen

  • Amy Cohen – Chief Chef
  • Adrianne Brounstein – Menu Developer

Napa Valley Youth Advocacy Center

  • Tom Amato – Executive Director

We are most grateful to Cathryn Couch, founder of the Ceres Community Project, for her extreme inspiration as one of Food of Love’s most dynamic mentors. Cathryn’s contagious passion, vision and energy has inspired us to our very core.

Martin O’Neil Cancer Center Dietitian

  • Laura Grinnell

Napa Valley Youth Advocacy Center/Food of Love Board Members

  • Tom Amato
  • Jason Decena
  • Heather Denton
  • Tad Worku
  • Don Simons

Food of Love Honorary Advisory Committee Members

  • Stacey Bressler
  • Michelle Fields Baggett
  • Piper Cole
  • Kennedy Brooks


  • Chief Chef – Amanda Tuttle
  • Chief Chef Emeritius – Amy Cohen
  • Asst. Chef – Delio Cuneo
Junior Chefs

  • Trinity Lyman
  • Alejandro Navarro
  • Alonzo Navarro
  • Destiny Camacho
  • Chloe Hagen
  • Madeline Theodorou
  • Vola Andrianarijaona
  • Elizabeth
  • CiCi Columb
  • BrianArroyo
  • Alexis Velasco
  • Aidan Weinstein
  • Emanuel Carlos
  • Nellie Rodriguez
  • Maria Ortega-Partida
  • Jobanny Macias
  • Devin Fowler
  • Becky

Adult Culinary Mentors and Volunteers

  • Linda Andreae
  • Ada Press
  • Brynna Columb
  • Ed Smith
  • Tom Amato
  • Mark Edell
  • DavidCasanova
  • Tony Glorioso
  • Malcolm McClain
Food of Love Documentary Production Team

  • Melissa Henry Pratt – Instructor
  • Benjamin Josse
  • Hannah Chen
  • Andrew Lloren
  • Zach Josse
  • Kelanie Aragon
  • Austin Siagian

Commercial Kitchen Site

  • Grace Episcopal Church

Food of Love Culinary Food Donors

  • Clif Vineyard
  • Culinary Institute of America
  • Sunshine Foods