Food of Love Mini-Documentary – The Wonder of Love


The First Edition

The Napa Valley Youth Advocacy Center

Tribute to Very Special People

Who Possess a

Special Kind of Wonderful”

Stacey Bressler

Michelle Fields Baggett

Melissa Henry Pratt

                                               Andrew Lloren

Cathy Buck

There are people in the world that possess a “Special Kind of Wonderful” within them, and our 5 recipients of today’s Tribute are examples. They each remind me of one of my favorite childhood character’s, Tinkerbell, who waved her wand and sprinkled “Stardust filled with Wonder” wherever she went. Our recipients have taken the world of “make believe” and turn it into a “Wonder-filled Reality.”

This particular story was created by Stacey Bressler and Michelle Fields Baggett who birthed the idea of giving a unique wedding gift to two very special friends, Elaine and Rick Jones.

They choose our Food of Love collaborative with Martin O’Neil Cancer Center as “The Gift” through the funding of the creation of our most compelling and power-filled mini- documentary and further development of Food of Love within our website.

The idea unfolded as Pacific Union College Film Department Instructor Melissa Henry Pratt and her class embraced the project with open hearts. One would not realize totally the process and extreme personal investments which would bring our dream into a reality with all of its mountaintop and and valley experiences, culminating with Andrew Lloren, who carried us to the finish line with his brilliance and compassionate care.

Scheduling, filming, and editing led us to the completion of a 7 minute masterpiece that encapsulated “The Wonder” – the Mission, Passion, and Heart of Who We Are and What We Do.

It was at this point that the Cameo Cinema’s Cathy Buck entered with “Cathy Stardust.” As our Chefs Extraordinaire DJ and Kent Nielsen prepared, and served scrumptious hors d’oeuves with the help of Food of Love teens, Cathy debuted “The Masterpiece” at this years St. Helena Family Film Festival, and played it every day in the month of June.

As the saying goes, “You have to see it to believe it.” Stars, Chloe Hagen and Delio Cuneo will touch your hearts.. . . . and you will experience what a glimpse of the “World of Wonder” looks like, sounds like, and feels like.

Food of Love Mini Documentary – The Wonder of Love