About Us


NVYAC provides a distinctivecommunity for healthy youth empowerment.


Every youth is embraced and empowered.

About The NVYAC

Through 2011, the NVYAC expanded to include both inreachprograms at the Angwin drop-in center and outreach programs foryouth, families, and community members throughout the Napa Valley. In2012 NVYAC closed the doors of it’s physical Center to maximizeservices and reduce overhead.  It currently operates through schoolsites, community service sites, homes, local businesses, and youth“hangouts.”  As a youth advocacy and support resource, the NVYACnetworks with other local agencies to provide youth grades 5-12 and beyond and their families with access to counseling, mentoring,consulting, expression, extra-curricular activities and communityconnections.  The ultimate aim being emotional and mental well-beingand the development of identity and purpose.

Because outreach and community service has become such a centralpart of both the support and healing in the lives of our youth, advocacyhas evolved and expanded to cancer patients, Post Traumatic StressDisorder Combat Veterans, Senior Citizens, and homeless populations.


  • Unconditional Love: We embrace the lives and journeys of youth by creating an extended family for them and remaining connected to them without judgment or condemnation, regardless of their choices, behavior or outward appearance.
  • Emotional Depth: We know that relationships are more important than programs—only through relationships with emotional depth can we properly influence youth, break down fear and build trust.
  • Advocacy: We champion our youth by walking beside them, promoting experiences that create a desire to make the world better and engaging communities to meet the specific needs of youth.
  • Innovation: Recognizing that youth and adults together create a distinctive place based on mutual acceptance, value and belonging, we create, develop and enhance innovative strategies to embrace and empower youth.
  • Mentorship: Youth choose mentors based on their perception of true care, empathy and understanding, therefore we are committed to developing mentors who fully nurture and understand youth.
  • Communication: Affirming that youth voices are essential, we promote an environment of open communication among youth, families and all aspects of our organization and the community.