Monthly Archives: February 2011

Meet Jeffrey Georges

Jeffrey Georges is one of many local people who has gotten involved in changing the lives of youth and their families through the Napa Valley Youth Advocacy  Center.

Got involved with NVYAC this year because kids are his favorite kind of people to be around.

Is a college student from Miami, Florida, who’s going to specialize in neurosurgery, learn at least six languages, and be a missionary doctor.
Serves NVYAC as a “volunteer,” technically — but doesn’t feel like one. “When I’m here I feel at home. I know some of the issues that they’ve gone through… and I know I can help. I guess I volunteer because I’d like to give to others what God has given me.”

Favorite NVYAC project is the meals for cancer patients program, because he loves to cook and being able to do it “for those who really need it just gives cooking a higher meaning.”

Had an “aha” moment when some of the kids asked him to come to their football game — which he did, realizing how important a role model can be and what he personally means to these teens.